The Norgs Must Read List

The Norgs Must Read List



Books and Reports


"Frontiers of Innovation in Community Engagement", by Lisa Williams, Dan Gillmor, and Jane Mackay

"Small Pieces Loosely Joined", by David Weinberger

"We The Media", by Dan Gillmor

"The State of the News Media 2006",

"We Media", The Press Center, API

"Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut", David Shenk

"The Innovator's Dilemma", Clayton M. Christensen




7/45: "As We May Think", Dr. Vannevar Bush

6/92: "A Slice of Life in My Virtual Community", Howard Rheingold:

6/19/95: "Publishing Models for Internet Commerce", Tim O'Reilly

1995: "Help, the Price of Information Has Fallen, and It Can't Get Up", Clay Shirky

7/16/99: "News in the Slashdot Decade", Matthew Priestley

8/26/99: "Slashdot: All the News that Fits", Wired,21448-0.html

2/04/00: "How to Make Money On The Internet", Dave Winer

12/02/01: "Cyber-Subversion and the Alternate Press", First Monday

4/6/02: "Communities, Audiences, and Scale", Clay Shirky

10/3/02: "Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing", Clay Shirky

2/08/03: "Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality", Clay Shirky

7/1/03: "A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy", Clay Shirky

10/01/04: "The Long Tail", Chris Anderson

12/13/04: " as Public Square", Lex Alexander

1/24/05: "Newspapers: Open Your Archives", Dan Gillmor

2/04/05: "Where Newspapers Can Start the Conversation", Dan Gillmor

5/23/05: "Editor as news gatherer", Jeff Jarvis

6/13/05: "The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism"

10/24/05: " Attytood: The New Philadelphia Experiment: Saving the

Daily News", Will Bunch

10/30/05: "The Inky's Future: A Call For Conversation", Dan Rubin

11/30/05: "A Recipe for Newspaper Survival in the Internet Age", Slashdot

12/01/05: "The End of News?", The New York Review of Books

12/02/05: "Does It Even Know What It's Selling?", CJR

12/04/05: "We need both mainstream AND citizen journalism", Craig Newmark

12/05/05: "The last presses", Jeff Jarvis

12/11/05: "Saving the newspaper business from itself", Ed Cone:

12/12/05: "Newspapers as charities, utilities, infrastructure", Jeff Jarvis

1/24/06: "From Dan: A Letter to the Bayosphere Community", Dan Gillmor

4/29/06: "Columbia Talk: Evolving the News for a Digital Age", Dan Gillmor

9/27/06: "Digging Deeper::Your Guide to Citizen Journalism", MediaShift

10/03/06: Jay Rosen's Q&A at Slashdot to the reading list:

10/5/06: "Newspapers 2.0", Doc Searls