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Norgs Unconference Reactions

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Ken Doctor http://www.contentbridges.com/2006/03/saving_journali.html


Daily Sally http://dailysally.blogspot.com/2006/03/norgs-make-news.html


Our mates down under!


Australia again



Nuh-uh. Not really in the NETHERLANDS



Friends in Ohio






Ed Cone




Leonard Witt, Public Journalism Network

You say you are interested in:

think tank-like organization that works towards empowering the


in this area regardless of the PNI outcome...my personal interest in

a news

organization of the future really involves closing what I perceive to

be the gaping digital divide that exists between editors and

reporters, editors and advertisers, and newsrooms and their audiences.


First, a quick introduction. I am Leonard Witt, a professor at

Kennesaw State University outside of Atlanta. I run the Public

Journalism Network PJNet.org. Take a look; it is filled with all

kinds of info on public and citizen journalism. I was a journalist

for a couple of decades before going into academia. In addition I run

the occasional conference for journalists, citizens and academics. My

interest is very much what you are talking about above. I am ready

and able to get a virtual conversation started, and I think I know

how to do it, using what was learned from the open-source software

folks. But I am searching for a high-traffic platform. We need lots

of brain power for it to work. Jay Rosen and, I think, Karl Martino

are interested.

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