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Norgs Unconference Elements of a Norg

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'The Norgs Manifesto'


So what's a Norg, anyway? During the [Unconference], the participants said it's a newsgathering operation that is:


  • Continuous; 24/7.
  • Credible.
  • Risky. Composed of risk-takers. Stretching the limits of technology, content and money.
  • Willing to embrace and seek failure.
  • Willing to see the union as a partner.
  • Interactive. Gives voice to the readers.
  • Realizes that journalism is not always a story. It might be a database.
  • Multiplatform, including a free print edition. Multimedia; offering different platorms for different audiences.
  • Not a one-way street. Not print into multimedia—both ways.
  • Ethical.
  • Transparent.
  • Allows reporters to express what they think and feel.
  • A watchdog of the eternal spin machine. Please, of state government.
  • Committed to freedom of information, financially and legally. Builds it, buys it and lobbies for it.
  • Investigative.
  • Financially viable And generous with the money it makes. Supports the acts of journalism.
  • PERSONAL. Facilitates actual human interaction.
  • Distributed widely – transit.
  • Devoted to Media literacy – not how to use the media, how to BE the media.
  • Should empower its users to be citizens.
  • Has a voice. Have a personality.
  • Enables the community to inform each other.
  • May offer layers of journalism: Old-school, trained journalism; community journalism.
  • Owned by the community.
  • Uses a new metric for measuring success. Clicks are not the only way.
  • Should enjoy first-amendment protection.

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