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Welcome To The Norgs Wiki


On October 24, 2005 Will Bunch, of the Philadelphia Daily News, put out a call for conversation, on the future of newspaper journalism. He coined the term "Norg" to represent a new form of news organization that isn't defined by the paper itself.


Karl Martino, of Philly Future, and a previous Knight Ridder software engineer, contacted technologists and writers, to participate, to share ideas, and build bridges between different points of view.dress up games girl gameserildiz The discussion now comprises of assorted minds from the upper management of traditional news organizations to the trenches of independent media, from seasoned journalists to young news consumers, from personal bloggers to online community hosts, from software engineers, to media entrepreneurs.


Wendy Warren, of The Philadelphia Daily News, and Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerilla organized, managed and led an unconference, that took place March 25, 2006. A group of about 40 met at Penn's Annenberg School. During the unconference a tone was struck for what is hoped will be a lasting, organic conversation about the necessary adaptations for journalism in the 21st century.


Some reactions to the 2006 norgs unconfernece:  Buzz Machine,  Blinq,  Albert Yee,  His photos,  The West End,  Unpacking My Library,  Philly IMC

Ultimately, the conversation about this subject matter is taking place across hundreds of blogs, message forums, email threads, and board rooms across the world.


This Wiki was be an attempt to coalesce some of the conversation into documents that can used to explore what Norg is, how one can operate, what is its infrastructure, how it can be funded, how it can earn a profit, and what, ultimately, is its value, in our new participatory media age.


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Anonymous said

at 5:25 pm on May 15, 2006

VERY COOL! Thanks! Exploring a bit .........

Jennifer Kronstain

Anonymous said

at 11:35 am on Jan 19, 2007

Very easy and quick. Good content. And now, since I've edited it, it's even better!

Adam said

at 6:41 pm on Jul 9, 2009

What is the future of newspaper journailism

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